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Care for Humanity - منظمة القيمة للإنسان 

Providing emergency relief to vulnerable populations

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing methodological and programmatic quality support, and knowledge transfer to humanitarian actors, as well as direct support for the most vulnerable part of the population through emergency and early recovery response, in partnership and cooperation with the rest of the humanitarian community and relevant public institutions. In our work, we uphold the humanitarian principles of equality, neutrality, and accountability at all times.

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Our life-saving emergency interventions are an immediate response to a disaster or an emergency. We assist affected populations by providing them with essential food, health, shelter and household items and offering monetary aid.

We also run medium to long-term responses for vulnerable populations. We develop and implement programs in the fields of education, health and hygiene, food security, housing and infrastructure recovery, employment and economic development.

Our experienced team in Turkey provides technical and methodological backing for the Syria cross-border response. From our Gaziantep hub we ensure timely, efficient, and coordinated aid-delivery in line with the humanitarian standards and principles, building on up to date know-how and trends.

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Providing emergency food assistance,  including food baskets, Ready to Eat Rations, Food Vouchers, and bakery support.


Constructing water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure to improve the living conditions of displaced people.


Providing food security assistance for vulnerable families affected by conflict through emergency multipurpose cash grants, winterization assistance and Cash-for-Work activities


Establishing integrated educational support programmes to improve access to quality education for school-aged children in conflict-affected areas


Providing agriculture support for small-scale farming activities, to help boost household food production for vulnerable households.

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Construction of new latrines and rehabilitation of the sewage system in the Martyrs school 


Thanks to our project, more than 720 students attending the Martyrs school (Aleppo) now have access to latrines at school. In total, we constructed eleven new toilets for them and ensured that they are gender, age, and disability friendly. We also rehabilitated the sewage system in the school. 

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Established in 17.05.2019 as an association with registration number 27-026-060

Pancarlı Mah. 58020 No’lu Sokak, Zümrüt Apt

Dış Kapı No:13 İç Kapı No:1/2/3/4



V.D.: Gazikent Vergi Dairesi

V.N.: 4780952284

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