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Care for Humanity - منظمة القيمة للإنسان

Providing emergency relief to vulnerable populations

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing methodological and programmatic quality support, and knowledge transfer to humanitarian actors, as well as direct support for the most vulnerable part of the population through emergency and early recovery response, in partnership and cooperation with the rest of the humanitarian community and relevant public institutions. In our work, we uphold the humanitarian principles of equality, neutrality, and accountability at all times.


                             Seraç Deniz Akgüneş


                             Radwan Agha Alkalaa 

                                                    Deputy of Chairman


                                     Abdullah Bulut

                                                      General Secretary


                                Hülya Taşdemir Öztaş                                                           Accountant 


                                Tevfik Abdulmuhsin 

                                                    Permanent Member 

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