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IDD mission: The organisation is created for the purpose of; providing emergency relief to people living in and outside of Turkey during major crisis and disasters, delivering long-term aid to people living in poverty and cooperating with other non-governmental organisations and public institutions. The organisation is politically and religiously impartial and neutral. The organisation respect and values the principles of equality, neutrality, transparency, and accountability.


Vision: IDD aims to create a world where prompt and effective aid reaches all those affected by crises. We envision expanding our global presence through strategic partnerships and branches, ensuring swift emergency responses and sustainable programs. We also aim to provide a supportive environment for our members to contribute to humanitarian causes.


Humanitarian Priority: Uphold the primary objective of providing immediate emergency relief during major crises and disasters, addressing essential aid to affected populations, both within and outside of Turkey.


Impartiality and neutrality: IDD aid is not provided based on race, religious affiliation or nationality, but on the basis of needs and the chance of it working efficiently. Our activities are not driven by the interests of any other institution and we do not work in support of military, political or religious aims.


Responsibility and transparency: We acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable for the results of our work. We emphasize quality in our work. We inform truthfully about our activities and hold ourselves accountable to both the donors and the beneficiaries.


Partnership and coordination: Organize diverse training activities, including courses, seminars, conferences, and panels, to empower staff and stakeholders involved in aid delivery and community development.

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